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+2 Science (2015AD - 2017AD)


  1. Worked as a Marketing and Sales officer in Shell Lubricants in Auto Parts International PVT. LTD. For 3 and Half Years.
  2. Working as Digital Marketer Personally


Skill in both verbal and written communication.

  1. Skill in observing situation and decision making
  2. Skill in dealing courteously with public
  3. Skilled observation
  4. Detail oriented
  5. Ability to relate
  6. Quick thinker
  7. Dependable
  8. Trust worthy
  9. Ability to monitor the performance of others
  10. Clear communication and ability to work with others

A reliable team member, industrious, computer literate and well-motivated. Seeking a challenging growth oriental career and suitable placement in a reputed organization that could offer a professional and dynamic growth seeks a challenging position that could be of great help in an organization in which my professional skills abilities and job experience.

What i am Doing?

  • Web Development

Able to create beautiful sites by using WordPress Plugins & Theme with HTML, CSS & JS.

  • Freelancing

Logo Designing, Content Writting, Backlinks and SEO Optimization.

  • Digital Marketing

Affiliates Marketing, Social Media Ads Boosting. Paid Promotion.

  • Blogging

Content Writting, Ranking Articles in Google, SEO, Google Adsense & Affiliates.

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